Friday, February 11, 2011

Surfing Waves in this time of day

Who the Hell is padrenorth2009 it's padrenorth 2011 a little more structure, I am the photographer that should be on the beach shooting my Surfing friends on the Island of North Padre Island and Mustang Island, Its a 500 mile trip 9 and half hours, so what huh.. Well I have purchased my new camera's yet no one down there seams to give a hoot if I come there or not , You see I have a website up its and The second one everyone should go to, if you like to write and want to make money. I thought that if I saved enough I would move back to this Island and make a movie for Independent films as I tried last year with old material, It did not work it fizzled, the material was too old, and I did not take it seriously. I have possibly said too many times I am going to re-shoot and never did, Oh I have been there every other month scouting out surfers that I will have to get a release from because I don't want to get sued.
That has become the problem now is new copyright laws are in my way, and if I can tell who they are by the board they surf on or by a profile and sell their photos I can get sued, so that has put a damper on my original idea. I think if I can get the signatures of if you happen to be one of the surfers on the Island, let me know, by phone I am easy to find.I need some push to do this project. The lawsuit really has me slowed down for the time being. I am sorry to those, yet the law presides. We will work around it somehow, yet i need cooperation and with out it no film.Christopher Hyer 2.11.2011

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