Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bathtubs ( What a stupid Blog I Made)

But Im keeping it alive I want to know something why do women take baths? and Men take Showers? I just want to know what I am missing out on.

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All I can say is Written word

How can I do more, Always Looking for a project, Shoot me one..

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Surfing and Photography by Christopher  I seem to be putting video and photos everywhere and blogging this and that, I am setting myself up to be all around the Surfing and Photography communities,and hopefully make a dime or two. So Far I have paid for my non-sense more than made except for my writing contracts I am doing OK, though. I miss Corpus Christi, or I miss the Ocean Period and the times going to the Piers Photographing my friend, I consider the surfer my friend, yet I think I need a trip to Hawaii and learn myself how to surf, it's been a few years since I have been down to the Island of Hawaii, and I want to see Pipeline and shoot inside of it, I love the photography Clint Little, check his website out, such beauty in the Wave. I can imagine going to your office at the beach, I have had a taste of it, yet made no money from my photography on surfing, because I was in it for the waves and the riders of the waves, The Surfer and what he can do with his free ride from God, Its a Holly Ride isn't it, No payment except a board to get on the ride , no tickets to buy, just a never stopping ride, that I dearly love . Read the article above you may like it, may not. I do most of this for fun and because I miss shooting on a daily basis like I used to for 6 -7 years on Mustang Island, and North Padre Island, Texas. Such a cool group of people. Hope your enjoying the Ocean, Im still looking for one in West Texas , can't find it yet. Christopher Hyer 2.23.2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surf Photographer

Well its been a while since I have been down to South Texas to shoot any Surf Photography, and I do not know how much longer it may be, I come down on occasion, yet with the copyright laws the way they are, I have had a hard time justifying the expense of shooting a film on North Padre Island, The Expence of being sued possibly is my biggest worry, So if you are a Surfer and you live on Mustandg Island or North Padre Island for that instance , let me know by email of call me , I am easy to find, you can go to and get my number , or just email me, a petition saying this is something you would like to see happen. I have just written and article about North Padre Island and Mustang Island at HubPages, here is the link to this article
I look forward to coming back to the island and implementing the film project and I have every intention of doing this, I need signatures of those that would not mind being on film, though. I have had my time in court for the last two years on a domestic dispute and Ill be damned if I will risk everything I have on a film that either no one is going to buy nor participate in.I am the one that started the project so I am not mad as to the surfer , just the circumstance that I will need signatures releasing me to shoot what I love to photograph and its you guys and gals on the Island, SO rock on my friends and enjoy the article on hub pages also,I will keep you up to date on the dates I will be on the Island and I for see very soon I will be down there to drum up some signatures. Christopher Hyer Padre North 2011 Let's make it happen

Friday, February 11, 2011

Surfing Waves in this time of day

Who the Hell is padrenorth2009 it's padrenorth 2011 a little more structure, I am the photographer that should be on the beach shooting my Surfing friends on the Island of North Padre Island and Mustang Island, Its a 500 mile trip 9 and half hours, so what huh.. Well I have purchased my new camera's yet no one down there seams to give a hoot if I come there or not , You see I have a website up its and The second one everyone should go to, if you like to write and want to make money. I thought that if I saved enough I would move back to this Island and make a movie for Independent films as I tried last year with old material, It did not work it fizzled, the material was too old, and I did not take it seriously. I have possibly said too many times I am going to re-shoot and never did, Oh I have been there every other month scouting out surfers that I will have to get a release from because I don't want to get sued.
That has become the problem now is new copyright laws are in my way, and if I can tell who they are by the board they surf on or by a profile and sell their photos I can get sued, so that has put a damper on my original idea. I think if I can get the signatures of if you happen to be one of the surfers on the Island, let me know, by phone I am easy to find.I need some push to do this project. The lawsuit really has me slowed down for the time being. I am sorry to those, yet the law presides. We will work around it somehow, yet i need cooperation and with out it no film.Christopher Hyer 2.11.2011