Saturday, January 22, 2011

Port Aransas , Texas in January 2008 , Found Some Old Photos, Lots

The Above Website is the main site for
All the Video I can put on and,
yes Im padrenorth2009, Now
Called Padre North2011 , Typed
just like that So you can find the newer stuff
I will be doing on the Island this year.

Nothing Beats a Day out at
Horase Cadlwell Pier, These
were sone photos from Jan 2008
I Hope You Enjoy what I can put on these Blogs
I Love the Beach and the people at Mustnag Island
are some of the finest people
I have met , and
its been a year
since I have been down
there due to  Illness and such
I am Happy and healthy , So
Lets Rock On!
Padre North 2011 is now ready
to kick some a.. with
your help
we can make it happen
Please Click the ads
and lets make 2011
a rocking Film for you
I don't care how much
the film makes
just as long as I can keep
my habit and that's
 shooting surfing.
Rock On BoB Hall Pier
I have not for gotten You
More Updates Daily , So Come back and
stay tuned for
Updates at Hyer Specialties of
For Further Updates, , Check the next page out  also More Photos, I will post as many as I can , You just keep clicking on these freaking ads, Ok. Thank You Christopher Hyer
and Leave me messages. There is a new You Tube video
not Seen before on, Search out padrenorth2009, and you will find it.
Saturday 1.22.2010

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