Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Surfing and Photography by Christopher  I seem to be putting video and photos everywhere and blogging this and that, I am setting myself up to be all around the Surfing and Photography communities,and hopefully make a dime or two. So Far I have paid for my non-sense more than made except for my writing contracts I am doing OK, though. I miss Corpus Christi, or I miss the Ocean Period and the times going to the Piers Photographing my friend, I consider the surfer my friend, yet I think I need a trip to Hawaii and learn myself how to surf, it's been a few years since I have been down to the Island of Hawaii, and I want to see Pipeline and shoot inside of it, I love the photography Clint Little, check his website out, such beauty in the Wave. I can imagine going to your office at the beach, I have had a taste of it, yet made no money from my photography on surfing, because I was in it for the waves and the riders of the waves, The Surfer and what he can do with his free ride from God, Its a Holly Ride isn't it, No payment except a board to get on the ride , no tickets to buy, just a never stopping ride, that I dearly love . Read the article above you may like it, may not. I do most of this for fun and because I miss shooting on a daily basis like I used to for 6 -7 years on Mustang Island, and North Padre Island, Texas. Such a cool group of people. Hope your enjoying the Ocean, Im still looking for one in West Texas , can't find it yet. Christopher Hyer 2.23.2011

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