Saturday, January 22, 2011

Padrenorth is now Padre North 2011 Yes I Know

Time For some changes Padre North 2011 is the new nickname I will be under
it tends to work better in the search and results category , than padrenorth2009. This blodg is intended on showing some updates that my web page  will not adress such as updates on old photographs of Surfing on the island, in Prt Aransas, and North Padre Island, Texas. As a photogrpher , I need more camera's if I want to do another project on the Island, So PLEASE CLICK the ADS as many times as you please, so I can buy the right stuff to do the projecy, Padre North 2011 and Mustang Island, Texas will be a film if I can get it off the ground this year, but I need your help. Please enjoy the pictures I am about to post, and look for more links on my hame page above. Thank You and God Bless. Christopher Hyer a Hyer Specialties company.

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